Nakshatra Enclave "Booking Open"....Prices Starting from 3939/sqft **    Nakshatra Enclave "Booking Open"....Prices Starting from 3939/sqft**

Nakshatra Builders

With a rich 25 years of heritage Mr NA Joseph grew the roots of Nakshatra builders. The business was kicked off by the construction of Individual houses and structures progressing to group housing schemes. Over the years, Nakshatra builders has served and satisfied more than 100 customers.
As business and demand grew, Mr NA Joseph handed over the business to Mr Jebin Joseph. Understanding the great demand for good affordable living spaces, Mr Jebin and his team restructured the traditional business style and launched the first project Nakshatra Pearl Gardens.

Nakshatra Projects

Nakshatra Pearl Gardens
Nakshatra Enclave
Nakashatra Green Dale
Nakshatra Panangadu

Our Promise

Reasons for the transformation

Nakshatra builders with their expert panel studied the current market scenario and understood the peoples demand for better and reliable housing solutions. Nakshatra builders offers to enhance the quality of living to suit a better lifestyle


Nakshatra Builders considers human resource as the most critical component for an organisation. They are considered as pillars of the company and are responsible for the success and growth of the company.The company is professionally managed under the skilled chairmanship of Mr. Jebin Joseph. With having decades of experience in construction and real estate business.